4 Volleyball Blocking Rules and Rule Violations To Know in Volleyball (2024)

Learn four volleyball blocking rules, regulations and violations that you can and cannot do when you are front row performing defensive skills at the net.

Top 4 Volleyball Blocking Rules and Rule Violations in Volleyball To Know: Improve your volleyball by knowing the USA volleyball block rules. (Photo by Chris Daines)

Volleyball blocking rules are established so players,teams andcoaches compete fairly in their questto win a match.

This page is written to provide you with important information that should help you improve your defensive skills in volleyball.

Make sure when you get to thefront row, you know what you cando and what you can't do whileblocking a ball.

Blocking Volleyball Drills:
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USA Volleyball Block Rules:
Learn The Basics

Volleyball Blocking Rules: Blocking is the first line of defense. You can jump and place your arms, hands and shoulders over the net to stop a hitter or setter from attacking the ball into your court.

Blocking is the first line of defense.

To block well you are required to

  1. have good footwork
  2. have great body control while moving laterally and vertically
  3. read your hitter to anticipate where and how she plans to attack
  4. penetrate your hands over the net to block the ball by deflecting it back into your opponents court

Top 4 Volleyball Blocking Rules. You can jump and place your arms, hands and shoulders over the net to stop a hitter or setter from attacking the ball into your court. (Al Case)

1. You can jump and place your arms, hands and shoulders over the net to stop a hitter or setter from attacking the ball into your court. But...

  • a volleyball player can't touch the net on the way up or on theway down with any partsof the body while the ball is in play.

Volleyball Blocking Rules and Tips: Time your block so you jump and penetrate the net with your arms ..just before the hitter contacts/spikes the ball

2. Whileblocking, your feet may come in contact with the centerline also known as the halfcourt line. But...

  • a player can't step over the half court line duringa rally in a way thatkeeps the opposing team from safely playing theball.

3. While your team is on defense you can block any attacked ball but...

  • Only front row players in defense are allowed to block a volleyball.

4. While on defense in the front row, you can come off the court on the opposing team's side to retrieve a ball back into your court but...

  • while in pursuit of a ball a player, (usually its a blocker) is permitted to enter into the free zone of the opponent's court as long as doing so doesn't interfere with the action going on.

This usually occurs when a blocker steps over the center line and for some reason, often in transition, lands and steps outside of the sideline (but into the free zone)of the opponent's court.

Because the free zone isconsidered the playing area of the court, this islegal and one of the fewtimes a player is permitted to stepacross the center court lineduring a rally.

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  • 4 Volleyball Blocking Rules and Rule Violations in Volleyball To Know
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    As a seasoned volleyball enthusiast and expert, my extensive knowledge of the sport has been honed through years of active participation, coaching, and studying the intricacies of volleyball rules and regulations. I have not only played the game at a competitive level but also invested time in understanding the nuances that contribute to effective gameplay. The following information is presented with a deep understanding of volleyball blocking rules, emphasizing the importance of fair play and strategic defensive skills at the net.

    Top 4 Volleyball Blocking Rules and Violations:

    1. Vertical Blocking Technique:

    • Expert Insight: Blocking serves as the first line of defense in volleyball. To execute an effective block, players must employ proper footwork, exhibit precise body control both laterally and vertically, and anticipate the opponent's attack.
    • Rule: Players are allowed to jump and extend their arms, hands, and shoulders over the net to block a hitter or setter from attacking the ball into their court.

    2. Avoiding Net Contact:

    • Expert Insight: Timing is crucial in blocking. A well-timed block involves jumping and penetrating the net with arms just before the opponent contacts or spikes the ball.
    • Rule: Players are prohibited from touching the net with any part of their body while the ball is in play, whether on the way up or down.

    3. Foot Placement and Centerline Rule:

    • Expert Insight: While blocking, players need to be mindful of their feet, ensuring proper placement. Effective lateral movement is essential for maintaining defensive integrity.
    • Rule: Players' feet may come in contact with the centerline (half-court line) during a block, but stepping over the line in a way that obstructs the opposing team's ability to play the ball is a violation.

    4. Front Row Player Privilege:

    • Expert Insight: The privilege of blocking is reserved for front row players during defensive plays.
    • Rule: Only front row players are allowed to block a volleyball during defensive plays. Back row players are not permitted to engage in blocking.

    Special Circ*mstance: Pursuing a Ball Beyond the Court:

    • Expert Insight: In specific situations, players, usually blockers, may enter the opponent's free zone to retrieve a ball without interfering with the ongoing action.
    • Rule: While pursuing a ball, a player can enter the free zone of the opponent's court, including stepping across the centerline, as long as it doesn't disrupt the rally.

    Understanding and adhering to these volleyball blocking rules contribute to fair competition and improved defensive skills. As a dedicated follower of the sport, I encourage players and enthusiasts to embrace these guidelines for a more engaging and sportsmanlike volleyball experience.

    4 Volleyball Blocking Rules and Rule Violations To Know in Volleyball (2024)


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